HSS: Day 4 report

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hornby Summer School –Day 4!
Written by Nella (Peru) & reviewed by Chris (Brazil)

We started our morning sessions with a great warm-up activity Eleanor prepared and which made us all stretch our still sleepy bodies. We really thank her for that! Then we went straight on to our first academic presentation of the morning, when Margit talked to us about different interpretations of Intercultural Competence.  We had the opportunity to talk about it in our groups, and to come up with some very interesting ideas. 

Margit also proposed a series of activities aimed at developing cultural competence and challenging stereotypes. We particularly enjoyed drawing our “Chickens”:  that was a fun activity in which we had to identify what country each chicken represented, and then come up with our own drawings.  We now have an art gallery of our own national chickens: there is a Cuban chicken smoking a cigar (habano), a Peruvian chicken all dressed up in a poncho and chullo (knit hat), a Venezuelan chicken on his national dress, a Chilean chicken with a flag and impressive Brazilian chickens, two in bikinis,  and one in Ronaldinho’s jersey.   Indeed, apart from the fun and drawing skills this activity made us reflect on the stereotypes we create and reproduce.

After some coffee and juice, we returned to discuss the classroom implications of working with Intercultural Competence and more activities, including story-telling when we had to take turns looking at different pictures and then develop a story of our own, which forced us to see the world through the other’s eyes.  

Lunch time came and we had a quick (but by no means LIGHT) lunch – delicious as always – and then either ran to the pool, or went to catch up on some sleep.   The “Fun Committee is doing such a good job that some of us go to bed really late at night and are sleep-deprived!

Soon it was time to meet Mike Thornton for the afternoon session, though.  We went over David Graddol’s book  The Future of English? in preparation for our video conference this Friday.  We had to make posters and then the youngest person in each group had to explain it to the other participants.   Well done Jose, Sergio, Isa, Isabel, and Andrea T! 

Another coffee break and then back to the room for Vanessa’s presentation on “Notions of development and Globalization” and the OSDE project – Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry. She has a great way of making us think beyond the expected and to make us come up with questions and answers we didn’t know we could come up with.

Time to relax for a while – caipirinha by the pool, sauna and dinner.
Our Social committee prepared some fun and cultural activities for the evening.  We are having 3 presentations on the North East, that is, the North East of Brasil by Eleonor, the North East of England by David and the North East of Peru by Nella.   
It was a long day but we know we still have a lot to do.

Abraços to all of you out there, from all of us here at the Hornby Summer School, and see you tomorrow with another  report on the ELT Community Online.