HSS: Last days

This is our last day here in Sorocaba. Our work at the Hornby School is over but we are still lingering around as if we were trying to avoid the moment of departure. Saying goodbye to people with whom we shared most of our moments from early in the morning to late in the evening for the past 10 days will not be easy.

I’ll particularly miss David, our morning trekking guide and one of the loveliest human beings I’ve ever met; Sara, our inspiration and walking companion; Vanessa, Margit and Bee with their patience and understanding, always willing to continue the theoretical discussions during the meals!

I’ll miss you all, but especially Sergio, from Argentina; Eleonor, from Pernambuco; Nella, from Peru and Ines, my roommate, from Brasilia.

Our last days were dedicated to projects. Telma Gimenez came to talk about ELTeCS, Ana Falcão talked about TAs and Julian Wing brought us information on the ELT Online Community . We then started thinking on the outcome of the HSS and what projects we could come up with in order to put into practice or develop the ideas we have been discussing these days.

Now it’s time to go back to ‘real’ life – home, family, job -but it’s also time to put into practice the things we have discussed and carry on with our projects and our blogs!


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