CL project and Aberdeen Online

First of all, I’d like to apologise for sort of abandoning this blog since my return from London. Quite a lot has happened in this period which, in spite of some very positive things, was also a period of great uncertainty and not terribly easy at times. I’d like to be able to say that these uncertainties are now over, but for me some of them remain and I’m still trying to cope with it – part of life…

Below I try to summarize what’s been going on in terms of the Critical Literacy project and also regarding some other professional activities.

The CL in ELT project:  we have been really active in terms of CL this first semester. It all started soon after the ELTON prize.  Thanks to the support of a lot of people involved in the Brasilia CL School, we were able to launch the CL Special Interest Group at Braz-Tesol. A very special thanks to Marcelo Barros, the Braz-Tesol president and all the board for their support. Through the new SIG we decided to plan the Year II of the CL in ELT Project.  A proposal was submitted and approved by the British Council Brazil and the Hornby Trust which means that we are now in the second year of the project and this consists of a number of events and workshops, a call for materials writing and a possible online seminar.  So far we have organised a CL pre-conference event in Porto Alegre in partnership with APIRS, APLISC and APLIEPAR – the three TAs in the south of Brazil – and I have also presented a workshop on CL in ELT at the Argentina TESOL convention last week in Buenos Aires.

BC / IATEFL Aberdeen Online: thanks to Julian’s invitation I was able to participate actively at this year IATEFL Annual Convention, which happened in April in Aberdeen, Scotland. I worked as a moderator for the Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG and also for the Global Issues forum. It was one of the most amazing and rewarding online experiences I’ve ever had. Those were days of intense online activity, reflection, discussion and socialization with people from all over the world. You can also read my report on it on the ELT Community.