Down the coast, up the Andes

It was my second time in Peru and in a certain way it was much more enjoyable than the first because I could see people I had met before and I could also realise how my first visit had created some bonds between us and how CL and the project have been keeping us connected. It was great to see Leo, Arturo, Augusto adn people from Cajamarca again.

Besides that, this time Nella was with me all the time and also Sara. It was simply great to have Sara with us, we had great fun and I just wish I had all the energy she has to cover three different regions of the country in six days!

Our marathon started in Lima with a bit of sightseeing – being a tourist is indeed an exhausting job – and then the seminar at Camelot. Next morning we woke up at 4 am to take the plane to Trujillo, also on the coast. Trujillo is the city to where Sara should have settled 40 years ago, but things went amiss and she ended up going to Brazil. Lucky us!!! Tujillo is a very interesting place and the beach nearby is also unique. the event at Fleming College was really good we had great feedback there and met really enthusiastic teachers. A very special hello to Teresa 🙂

Then up the Andes on a night bus for six hours till Cajamarca. I’m not really sure I *like* Cajamarca, but there is something there that makes you want to go back – something in the lack of oxygen perhaps… thanks for all the support we received from participants there.