Another year goes by

The second year of the Critical Literacy in ELT Project is coming to an end and it was a quite busy one. We had a number of events: the APIRS Pre-conference event in Porto Alegre, the 5th Casa Thomas Jefferson Seminar in Brasilia, the 7th South-Cone Tesol convention in Buenos Aires, the Teachers Training Course in Lima and the Global Citizenship Seminars in Lima, Trujillo and Cajamarca.

We published a series of documents: new online editions of the first booklet A Brief Introduction to Critical Literacy in ELT Education and also its new online versions in Portuguese and Spanish; the First Volume of CL materials for ELT with eight sets of worksheets, lesson plans and Power Point presentations and the second Cl booklet entitled Collaborative Approaches to Critical Literacy in ELT Education.

The second year of the project also saw the launching of the Critical Special Interest Group at Braz-Tesol thanks to the support of the BT Board and to the great efforts of Sara Walker to make it happen. All in all, I think we can say it was a very good year for the project and we are now already thinking of the third one. More news on that soon.