Critical Literacy in ELT – Year III

You have to be careful when you put your feet out of your door because if you don’t mind your steps, you don’t know where they might lead you to.

This is more or less what Bilbo Baggins says to Frodo and I just thought how well it fits our CL project. When we started it in January 2006 I never thought that three year form that I would be working on it. Now we already sent the project proposal for a third year to the Hornby Trust and the British Council and even before their reply we are already working on it. This is what we are planning for 2008-09.

Materials development: a call for Materials Writing will be launched on 30th May 2008 through the British Council Brazil ELT Online Community and ELTeCS lists. ELT educators from all over the world are being invited to submit their materials for the online publication of the ‘Critical Literacy Materials for ELT Education – Volume II’.

CL Materials and documents in other languages: a call for translators was published on ELTeCS lists around the world inviting ELT educators to work on the translation of CL booklets and sets of materials into other languages. So far 39 professionals have stepped forward and are working on translations into 27 different languages. These documents will be published online throughout the year.

CL Events: regional workshops focusing on the basic concepts guiding Critical Literacy and material development will take place in Brazil and other Latin American countries in the period between May and November 2008. The objective of these workshops is to help with dissemination and to support potential ELT educators interested in developing the materials mentioned above.  Such workshops and seminars will be joint events organised by the Critical Literacy SIG and Teachers Associations, educational authorities and private schools and universities.

Online Events: fielded discussions will be organised along the year as a means of disseminating our objectives and activities and as a non-fund-dependent way of creating a space for active discussion and debate on Critical Literacy and Citizenship education.

Views & Reviews – The Critical Literacy in ELT SIG Newsletter: this is intended to be the Official SIG newsletter and will contain news and articles written by ELT educators. Editions will be published online in September and March each year.


3 thoughts on “Critical Literacy in ELT – Year III

  1. Hi Chris,
    the other day I was thinking the same thing. I ws thinking how far our CL project has gone. I guess meeting most of the members in Fortaleza will be really nice to share our ideas and re-start conversations and gear up for new directions and projects.


    José Antônio

  2. Hai,

    I did not know anything about Critical Literacy till there was a from you for articles on it. After that I started to read extensively on it. Hope i come with something on it.


  3. Hai,

    I did not know anything about Critical Literacy till there was a call from you for articles on it. After that I started to read extensively on it. Hope I come up with something on it.


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