Taking the road

This is indeed the beginning of a journey. It will take exactly a year to get to the final destination. I know from where I’m setting off and I know where I would like to arrive. I know the road to take but I really do not know what I’m going to find on the way. And it’s precisely this that makes the whole thing fascinating.

Yesterday it was our first session with Professor Tony Wright and he started with a couple of ice-breakers, including that one of the road I usually couple with Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. Obviously there was no time to talk to everyone in the group but we will certainly learn more about each others’ backgrounds next Thursday, when each of us will make a brief presentation about our professional profiles.

Tony has also asked us to start a learning journal and so here I am. He also gave us a couple of questions to guide us in our reflections. I’ll come back to some of them in future posts. Today I just want to say that what really called my attention in the group is how much in common and how much different we are. Common ground comes from ELT teaching; diversity comes from cultural, geographical and historical backgrounds. How productive and able to develop and mature this group will be will depend a lot on what we can make of both similarities and differences.  This is true for any working group I suppose, but the fact that we are just six will make things much more complex.