Hornby Report: Autumn in Devon

Group pic 2Some weeks have gone since the beginning of my course and it seems that time really flies when it comes to the content and everything we have been studying. However, time is England is different. There is nothing frenetic here, things seem to run smoothly and time flows. If I’m feeling a bit pressured because of the reading and writing assignments the only thing I have to do is to go for a walk around the campus and fill my eyes and senses with the amazing green of this island and the pallet of yellows, oranges and browns in which the trees are painted now. Or look out of my bedroom window and observe the squirrels collecting food for the winter. There is always a number of them around…and one of these days I even met a little deer just at my doorstep!

As for the course, we have been discussing and working on Learning. As my tutor said, much has been said and written about Teaching but we still know little about the Learning process. How does learning take place? What factors affect learning? How do adults learn? What is a learning environment and how to build it up? All these questions are extremely relevant for us as future teacher trainers.

In the other module I’m doing at the moment we are discussing materials: the methodology principles that inform materials production, materials assessment and also the place of authentic materials in ELT.

What is particularly enjoyable is to be able to make connections between theory and practice. Not that we have classroom practice, but we have loads of discussions in the group about our teaching contexts and group discussion is really an important component here. On the whole, I can say that we learn as much from our tutors as from each other.