‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys

I have always wanted to read Wide Sargasso Sea but the novel had never felt into my hands till now that Edward is reading it for his BA. This is a very short novel but it is concentrated and tense from cover to cover.

Rhys creates the young Mrs. Rochester in a quite disturbing way and gives the ‘mad woman in the attic’ an real body and personality. Saying that this is a postcolonial response to Brontë is not only stating the obvious but also restricting the text to a certain extent. Wide Sargasso Sea is much more than just post-colonial or feminist liture; it is a good story told in a very skillful way. Very enticing reading and a lot of food for thought about identity, prejudice, social and class barriers and multiculturalism. Good reading, indeed.

Rhys, J. (1997) Wide Sargasso Sea. London: Penguin.