Hornby Report: End of the first term

I have reached the end of the term here at Marjon and it is time to share with you my reflections on the work we’ve done so far. Our main module this term was Approaches to Teaching and Learning. The rationale behind the module is reflection on the nature of learning and teaching using an inquiry based approach. The activities proposed during our sessions were based on exploration of our previous and constructed knowledge, our background experience and current theories of learning. The group discussions led us to a more reflective and deep analysis of our assumptions and conceptualisations about teaching and learning.

‘Reflection’ became a sort of buzz word for us. A great deal of our time was devoted to our explorations on the meaning of reflection.  Actually, we reflected on reflection. Besides the social collective experience of reflection in our group, the other tool I have been using for reflection is literature. Reading has been extremely helpful in my own process of reflection because it has exposed me to new angles of a common experience and helped me challenge and/or consolidate my own ideas. The library here is very well supplied for our needs and we have free access to a number of online journals – readers’ paradise!

We also had two other half-modules, one in ELT Studies and the other on Classroom Action Research. They gave me the opportunity to have some hands-on experience with materials design and research methods – extremely helpful!

Now we have made it to the end of the first term, or at least to the end of the sessions, since we still have module assignments for January and February. I can hardly believe how quickly it has gone and I wish I had had more time and energy to read more. I’ll try to catch up during the Christmas break. I also feel that much more was needed in terms of the theoretical basis for research and a more in-depth discussion on procedures, triangulation and ethics.