Hornbies in Oxford

Just coming back from the British Council/Hornby Trust Seminar in Oxford. It was a great experience indeed because I could meet all the other Hornby Scholars and besides working hard we had a whale of a time together. The highlights were the visit to Oxford University Press where we attended a short presentation by John Simpson, the chief editor of the Oxford Dictionary, and also the visit to the press museum. That was fascinating! The museum is quite small but it has amazing pieces and I wish  had more time to read about its history and make more questions to our very knowledgeable guide.

The objectives of the seminar are mainly the following:

  • To create an opportunity for scholars from different universities to get to know each other since we are scattered around the country in Plymouth, Warwick, Brighton, Lancaster and Leeds,
  • To give scholars the opportunity to get to know more about the Horny Trust and the wonderful legacy A.S. Hornby has left us,
  • To prepare for our collective presentation at IATEFL next April.

Above all, most scholars come to realise for the first time the importance of A.S. Hornby´s work and the magnitude of his contributions to ELT. Of course we have to be indebted to him for creating the Trust, for writing the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary and for founding the ELT Journal, yet it was his whole attitude of commitment and care for English language teachers that we should be most grateful for.