Hornby Report: Busy times

Many things have happened around here since my last report in January. One of them was… the snow! We had the heaviest snowfall in the country in 28 years and I was lucky to be in Bath with a friend on the day that the country woke up under 6 inches of snow. My colleagues who were in Plymouth were not so happy because it hardly ever gets that cold in the south-west as the hot Atlantic currents give to Plymouth one of the mildest micro-climates in the UK. It may sound trivial but many Hornby Scholars come from hot countries and many had never seen frost, let alone snow.

On the academic front we have been working hard, as usual, on our assignments and I would like to publicly thank Bruno Cesar, our Community member, who sent me a description of his classroom in Rio, which I used to develop a paper on some of the factors that affect classroom culture. Thanks a lot to Bruno and Ingrid for your help and maybe in this way we can make more people around the world listen to Brazilian teachers’ voices.

Another important event here as the Equal Opportunities & Diversity Seminar that happened in London on 20-21 February. All Hornby Scholars where invited and we had a fantastic time in London. The event was organised by the British Council and the IATEFL Global Issues SIG. Speakers were Fiona Bartels-Ellis OBE, Dr Catherine Walter, Adrian Underhill and myself, speaking about how the concepts of Equal Opportunities and Diversity connect with critical literacy and classroom practices. The whole event was filmed and will be soon available to everyone at the Cardiff Online website.

We are now getting ready for the IATEFL Annual Conference that will be in Cardiff in March/April.