‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak

My good intentions of leaving novels for the period of the dissertation have not lasted long.  Having to travel to London twice in the last two months, I simply needed a book. I was attracted by the title and the good reviews it received but I have to confess that I’m quite disappointed.

The idea is simply brilliant – it’s quite original and the setting in Nazi German, even being a bit trodden is always engaging, the characters have a lot of potential to be developed but simply I felt that the story never took off. There are moments that you think that author will finally spread his wings and  take you there but is it is just a false alarm and it falls flat again. Pity! Really nice idea which in the hands of a more gifted writer would have been a really good book.

Zusak, M. (2007) The Book Thief. London: Black Swan.


One thought on “‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak

  1. I liked “The Book Thief” so much that by the end of the book I even felt in sympathy with the narrator, Death. The book is written in a time and place of great evil, this hangs over the book but does not dominate it. To me maybe the frustration some feel with the book not “taking” off has to do wth how such an atmosphere can itself keep people from “taking off”. You stay low and keep your head down and bury yourself in books in such a time, or at least that is one result or use of The Reading Life.

    Enjoyed the poetry on your blog. I have “White Tiger” on my read within a year list!

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