Back on the road to the Midlands

From now on I’ll be writing from Milton Keynes, where I’ve just started my Masters of Research at the Open University.  This the first stage leading , hopefully, to a PhD degree. I have to admit that MK is not the prettiest place in England if you consider the city itself.  However, because of the city plan, it is actually a bit like living in the countryside and the English countryside is beautiful and special in its own way, even if the Midlands lack the serene, deep beauty of Devon.

The Open University is quite peculiar place because the only students here are the  research and doctoral students since the undergrads are all in online courses. The whole structure of this huge campus is here just for us and the administrative staff.

Issues for me at the moment revolve very much around educational research, its forms and applicability and also the philosophical underpinnings of different approaches to it. What I have to reflect now is where I stand in these big picture and what implications my positioning and views have for my practice in ELT.   Moreover,  how my ELT experience influences the way I see educational research.

Back on the road for a new journey into the unknown.