‘Burning Bright’ by Tracey Chevalier

Lambert, 1792 is the backdrop for the story of kids growing up in the street of London. Nothing sensational, no  innovations in form – just a simple, good story with down-to-earth characters who could  easily be your neighbours today. It is in this simplicity that resides its strength. I confess that sometimes I get a bit tired of modern novelists cleverness and sophistication. Nothing against it,  but it is just refreshing to have an ‘Aristotelian’ novel from time to time, with beginning middle and end, even when there flashbacks and open endings.

The cherry at the top of the cake is to have William Blake as a ‘supporting’ character – actually this book, in the right hands, would  make a quite interesting film. Good story, nice reading.

Chevalier, T. (2007) Burning Bright. London: HarperCollins.