‘Dark Fire’ by C.J. Sansom

I suppose that  after so much theoretical reading a person needs a bit of blood to relax.  Back to Tudor England and Brother Shardlake’s troubles with courtiers and criminals in the streets of the City of London.

This time Sansom absolutely defeated me. The clues were there, with the historical facts perfectly backing the story but I failed to see the obvious. Miserably. What is great is that I read this one while on the train to and back from London for the New Year’s Eve, while Eddy took on Dissolution. As part of our day in London we decided to walk around St Paul and the Inns of Court. We went down Ludgate Hill, Fleet Street, Chancery Lane and even went to Temple Gardens. Pity Temple Church was closed so that now we have to go back there. Nothing like reading things on location.

Sansom, C.J. (2004) Dark Fire. Basingstoke: Macmillan.