Brazil ELT Community at Teaching English

Change is a fact of life. The tricky thing is how to administrate that and how to look at it.

The ELT Community, as we knew it, is no more. It ceased to be a webspace linked to the BC Brazil website to become one of the Groups at TeachingEnglish. I think there are things that will be unequivocally lost with it. One of them is the sense of ownership, since in the past  the most active members were the ones who could have a voice on what to include, what initiatives to bring it, how to promote it. This is now gone as the space becomes much more institutionalized.

On the other hand, when Julian left the ELT Community, it lost its lifeblood and it had been kept on life support for too long, to the point that there was no real reason to keep it any longer. Bringing it to TeachingEnglish has the potential to give it a new boost, since members will find there more reasons to visit the site more frequently – articles, interviews, news and so on. Moreover, it will give Brazilian teachers the opportunity to get in contact with other teachers from different places and cultures around the world, therefore, helping to get rid of some sort of ‘claustrophobic effect’ that  being just inside a very tight community may sometimes create.

However, even with all the advantages on being part of a worldwide online network, the tricky thing will be to make community members find in the Brazil Group something that is distinctive and would justify them belonging to it specifically. Bringing veteran and new members to the Brazilian space will depend on how the site managers provide for the development of a sense of a culturally distinct community inside the multicultural worldwide community that TE is. I think this is a very challenging task indeed and I wish all the luck to those involved in the process.