English through Art

People say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so…what if you put images and words together?  How many do you get? 🙂

It may sound like a witty question, but this is exactly what this book does. English through Art, published by Helbling, brings together gorgeous images kindly made available by the National Museum of Wales and combines them with activities for English language learners. There are also activities using sculpture and music.

It is a very practical book with 100 activities  and a CD room with the paintings ready to be used by the teacher. I’m really glad to have contributed with some of activites in the book and I’m particularly happy because I had the privilege of working with Hania Bociek, Kevin Parker, my PhD colleague at the Open University, and Peter Grundy who are the editors of the collection.

Heartfelt thanks to Peter, who came up with the idea and set up the workshop in Cardiff, which was the trigger for the generation of the activities. The best thing of this enterprise, though, was to make friends with Hania, who is such a  wonderful person and a great professional.


2 thoughts on “English through Art

  1. Dear Chris,
    I’ve just been looking at this book on the Helbling website and Just discovered you were involved! Congratulations…I really like the book and I’m definitely going to buy it!!!
    Elizabeth ;-))

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