Pride & Prejudice: 200 years on

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Austen’s appeal endures. Today we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and  Prejudice and the book is still in the lists of the most read, celebrated, commented and loved works in the canon of English literature both at home and in many countries around the world.

Here in the UK a number of institutions, such as the British Library and the BBC, are organising events and initiatives to celebrate the book and Austen’s work. The British Council is also marking this very special year with a dedicated website to help English language teachers and learners to engage with Austen’s life and work.

The brand new website launched today brings us six lesson plans on Pride and Prejudice complete with teaching materials and teacher’s notes. All available for free download. There are also a series of articles exploring different aspects of Austen’s texts. Besides that, links to relevant websites,  a blog, audio podcasts and special videos are also on the way and will become available throughout the year.

I am really happy to be involved in this project and if you use the lesson plans and materials, please do send me a word. Your feedback is really important. It will help me to know what things really worked for you and your students and serve as input when I am designing the lessons for the other novels.

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