Friends of the Trust

Roger Bowers, Chairman of the Hornby Trust, and his colleagues were busy during the conference encouraging supporters and beneficiaries to become ‘Friends of the Trust’. The Trust’s history and activities are worth knowing about.

In 1961 A S Hornby (‘ASH’) founded the A S Hornby Educational Trust. Its founding Trustees included Randolph (now Lord) Quirk. Key partners in various ways have included the British Council, Oxford University Press, Voluntary Service Overseas (‘VSO’), Comic Relief, Euralex – the European Association for Lexicography, and IATEFL.

ASH wanted significant royalty earnings from his major work – the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, now in its 8th Edition – to be fed back into the development and encouragement of ELT practitioners around the world, particularly those working in demanding circumstances. He saw in the British Council an organisation which shared the Trust’s aims and could work closely with the Trust to direct assistance to places of need and opportunity, while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.

The Trust’s income helps to fund one-year MA scholarships at UK universities – currently 12 a year – for teachers, trainers, materials developers and testers. It contributes to the funding of key projects by VSO and Comic Relief in areas of need – currently in Northern Ghana and in Tanzania, recently in Eritrea and China. The Trust collaborates with the Council in teacher development events and followup across a range of countries and regions; it supports a UK speaker at the biennial Euralex conference, and it has a positive relationship with IATEFL – not least through the annual Scholars’ presentation..

As a registered UK charity the Trust reports annually to the Charity Commission for England and Wales; and details are available free at The trustees are drawn from the ELT field but also from supporting disciplines including financial management. You can go to to learn more.

You might consider supporting the Hornby Trust through donation. If you are a UK resident (or not!) your easy route is via the Charities Aid Foundation at On their front page you will find a ‘Donate’ button which accepts donations from as little as £5 to as high as you like! Payment can be by Paypal or by credit/debit card, or from a CAF bank account if you have one. The Trust’s registered number is 313394. When you make a donation, however modest,you can become a Friend of the Trust and receive its bulletins twice a year.

Or if you would like to know more about Hornby and his Trust you can email Dr Roger Bowers, the current Chairman, at But please note that the Trust does not respond to individual requests for financial support.