Is Jane Austen out of date for the classroom?

My answer for this question is published in the British Council Voices Blog.

“I suppose most teachers’ first reaction towards working with Jane Austen in the English language classroom is not very different from the reactions we have when people mention Shakespeare or Dickens, or literature in general. There are concerns that the language is outdated and, therefore, too difficult for students to understand. Some people also argue that society has changed a lot since these works were written, and students cannot engage with the themes and characters any longer.”

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One thought on “Is Jane Austen out of date for the classroom?

  1. Is Jane Austen out of date for the classroom?
    it will not happen. Why? Firstly, because Jane Austen is the writer for people of different ages and educational background. Secondly, events described in her books, can happen nowadays and finally, if men are no longer interested there is always enough room for ladies and women colleagues who really love reading books by Austen .Emma is one of my favourite:))

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