‘Jane Austen, A Life’ by Clare Tomalin

jane-austen-400x400-imadb4ayt5gkkm7vAlthough written quite a while ago, Tomalin’s biography of Jane Austen has gained renewed prominence in the year in  we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.

As it is the case with any biography, you may question the accuracy of some information and the writer’s analysis of events but you have to admit that Tomalin does know her trade. This is an amazing biography that reads like a novel and which kept me engaged from cover to cover. Tomalin is a fantastic writer and she knows how to make you feel really close to her subject. This is witty, warm and poignant to the point that I actually started weeping when she describes Austen’s passing. Brilliantly written.

Tomalin, C. (1997) Jane Austen, A Life. London: Penguin.