Review: The Desolation of Smaug

976275_529187847116825_1152610988_oYesterday it was the launching day of the second film of Peter Jackson’s trilogy and to describe the experience of watching it I will paraphrase Bilbo himself: ‘magnificent’,’stupendous’. creating the middle installment of a trilogy is also a challenge as the author or director highly depends the reader/audience previous knowledge of the tale. Besides that, it lacks the grounding of the beginning and the sense of closure provided by the last part of the story. In spite of the difficulties, Peter Jackson has once again delivered it superbly.

Martin Freeman is, once again, brilliant and his interactions with Smaug are as priceless as the hoard the dragon keeps. The understanding between the hobbit and the dragon is almost tangible and this is perhaps little wonder since the Smaug’s voice is done by no other than Benedict Cumberbatch, his sleuth partner in the BBC Sherlock series. The chemistry between the two is indisputable.

Thranduil appears now as a more important character and Lee Pace is naturally impressive as the Elvenking. Besides that, the scene where he draws his sword to cut off the head of an orc would make Kenshin Himura bow in admiration. One of his lines may also serve as the embodiment of our expectations towards the final chapter of the Hobbit saga: Thranduil: [to Thorin] Where does your journey end?

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