‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ by P.D. James

There is no shortage of literature spinning off from Pride and Prejudice and one can hardly be forgiven for adding another book to the pile, but P.D. James’s whodunnit is pleasurable reading indeed. Although it lacks the thrill of an Agatha Christie’s story, it certainly has its brilliant moments, especially the scene leading to the announcement of the crime when the author manages to superbly build up the tension. The discovery of the body is also well-crafted but I am not quite sure about the resolution. I think I would like to see something more daring…

What made my reading particularity enjoyable is the fact that I visited Chatsworth House this Spring –  used as location for Pemberley in both the 2005 film version of P&P and in the book’s own adaptation by the BBC –  and could vividly visualize the action in the book taking place in the glorious rooms and grounds of the state.  Although Death Comes to Pemberley falls short from being the best crime story I’ve read, it does make for entertaining summer reading. Recommended.

James, P.D. (2011) Death Comes to Pemberley. London: Faber and Faber.