‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’ by Patrick Rothuss

Pat-rothfussInstead of the much waited third book of the Kingkiller Chronicle, Rothuss decided to present his readers with a novella focusing on a ‘secondary’ character in  Kvothe’s saga. It may not sound much but it is. In fact, it is immense: immensely good, significant, profound and immensely fulfilling. Auri is one of my favourite characters in the books and a most intriguing creature. Rothuss shows great sensibility and care dealing with her story and, as a reader, I can only thank him for publishing it.

In a postscript to the book, the author reveals his apprehension towards the book since, in his words, the story does not do what stories are supposed to do. Perhaps he is right in terms conventional plots but if one believes that stories that matter perform the five functions of mythos, mimesis, catharsis, phronesis, and ethos (Kearney, 2002, pp.125-156), then The Slow Regard... ticks all the boxes and passes the text with flying colours. This is one of those little books that you read over and over  again for many years to come.

Rothuss, P. (2014) The Slow Regard of Silent Things. London: Gollancz.


Kearney, R. (2002) On Stories. London: Rooutledge


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