Literature at Manchester 2015

There are currently fifteen Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at IATEFL covering a wide range of specific aspects in the field of English language teaching and learning. One of these is the Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG (LMCS) and, as a member and current coordinator, I am proud to say that our PCE and SIG Days were some of the best things of the whole 2015 Conference. You may rightly think I am biased – I certainly am. However, this is not only my opinion but one expressed by a number of speakers and delegates at the conference.

I would like to publicly thank everyone involved in the organization of these two events, starting with the members of our SIG Committee (Alan Pulverness, Amos Paran, Carel Burghout, Christien van Gool, Dario Banegas, and Heather Doiron) for all the commitment and good work. Thanks also to our previous coordinator, David A. Hill, who originally had the idea of having a PCE on poetry in the classroom. Thanks for inspiring us David!

Thanks to all our guest-speakers and friends who presented at the PCE: Alan Maley, Carol Read, Claudia Ferradas, Haria Bociek, and Jeremy Harmer. The event was only possible due to your generosity and if we received such amount of positive feedback, this was because of the brilliance of everyone’s presentations, including those of given by some of our committee members. Thanks to the speakers who presented at our SIG Day for having chosen to include your talks and workshops in our SIG programme: Sandie Mourao, Benjamin Dobbs, Jennifer Schumm Fauster, Alan Maley, Inas Kotby, and Lisa Peter. You added diversity, inspiration and meaningful content to our SIG Day. My heartfelt thanks to all delegates who attended the presentations on both days. Your participation, contribution to the discussions, and enthusiasm was contagious and helped make the events the real success they were.

Incidentally, the picture in this post is from the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester. If you ever go to Manchester, please do take some time to visit it as the library holds one of the finest collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives in the world.