IATEFL Birmingham 2016

Every year is the same story: there is so much going on at the same time at the IATEFL Conference that you would need to clone yourself to be able to attend everything. As a SIG Coordinator, and also being in the Selections Editorial Team, I have to attend a couple of meetings while others are enjoying the talks and workshops, not to mention that I have to chair the SIG Day which, albeit letting me enjoy the presentations in the SIG programme, prevents me from attending other talks. This year, for example, I missed the ELTJ debate which I have assiduously attended for seven years in a row. What a shame!

Not all is lost though as fortunately there is IATEFL Online and you can catch up with some of the presentations. My highlights are in the links below:

There are also a couple of interviews that I think are really interesting and relevant to language teachers and learners. My selection below:

For more videos, including a series of four interviews with the current Hornby Scholars, click here