12193727_10153225038407844_1065636312937874190_nI have been an English language teacher since 1995. I’m now based in Leicester, where I teach at the ELTU at the University of Leicester. I hold a degree in English Literature from Goldsmiths, University of London, a Masters of TESOL Teacher Training from the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, a Masters of Research and a Doctoral degree from the Open University, Milton Keynes. My professional life is made of a number of activities, all interconnected, but which could be basically grouped as follows.

Teaching: classroom practice and contact with my students is what keeps me aware of learners’ needs and also gives me opportunity to do some research, develop projects and reflect on teaching practices.

English Literature: besides the pleasure of reading, my study and research interests are in the area of reading groups and the contact area of Literature and English Language Teaching.

Teacher Networks and Associations: being a member of IATEFL and being active in teachers’ communities has definitely given a new dimension to my professional life. I feel I am part of something bigger than the classroom or the institution I work for. It gives me a voice and the opportunity to learn and share things with other people.

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teachers_rock_mousepad-p1449562627398281637pdd_5001Apart from my professional self, I am a metal-head and an Iron Maiden hardcore fan. I am also an avid reader of English literature, especially 19th century English novels and contemporary British fiction. I love playing video games on my PS3, especially RPGs. I am addicted to Magic. I am interested in English history and painting, especially the English Impressionists. My favourite sport is golf, but I also like watching NBA Basketball and I am a passionate Bulls‘ fan.