On mobiles and laptops

One of my job responsibilities in my department is as a learning technologist. I am responsible for finding new tech solutions to improve teaching and learning and for helping my colleagues to use, adopt, and adapt these new tools by integrating them to their teaching practice. I am the one of the tutors in the … More On mobiles and laptops

IATEFL Glasgow 2017

My IATEFL report will once again focus on the presentations that where part of the Literature SIG conference programme. The pre-conference event (PCE) was a joint event with the Creativity Group and I would also like to express my gratitude to Alan Maley for the support and for helping promote the event. This year the … More IATEFL Glasgow 2017

IATEFL Birmingham 2016

Every year is the same story: there is so much going on at the same time at the IATEFL Conference that you would need to clone yourself to be able to attend everything. As a SIG Coordinator, and also being in the Selections Editorial Team, I have to attend a couple of meetings while others … More IATEFL Birmingham 2016

Shakespeare at IATEFL

If you look at the programme at the 50th IATEFL conference this year in Birmingham you may be excused to think it could well be called the IATEFL Shakespeare Conference instead. There was a lot of Shakespeare going on and I am proud to say that the Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG has contributed … More Shakespeare at IATEFL

IATEFL Manchester 2015

It’s a sad fact of life that the more you get involved with IATEFL the less of the conference you can enjoy. There are so many meetings to attend, so many things to plan, organize, and look after, so many people to contact and talk things over with that there is little time and energy … More IATEFL Manchester 2015