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Nine weeks later…

This was our last weekend at the British Council E-Tutor course. It was a very intense, enriching and also demanding experience and I can honestly say that I get to the end of it a bit more mature and aware of how unique an online teaching/learning experience can be.

As I said in my reflections there, people come to online courses with different expectations, needs and technical skills and it’s crucial for an e-tutor to adopt a calm, balanced and supportive attitude towards to all learners. E-tutors also have to develop special skills, such as the ability of making questions in order to promote dialogue and knowledge building. Sumarising conferences and designing e-tivities were things that were absolutely new for me and which I particularly enjoyed.

This course was my first online experince as an e-learner and I realised that actually the teaching/learning process has a far greater potential to be much more horizontal and democratic in an online environment than in a more traditional setting. Knowledge is built up collectively, indeed.

These were incredible weeks and I’d like to thank all our tutors – Alison, Caroline, Sara and Bella – and all my e-mates with whom I have learnt so much!

BC Mexico e-Tutor Course

The first week of my e-Tutor Course is coming to an end. I’m one of the Brazilians who is having the priviledge of attending this online course and I’m really thankful for that. I’ve already learnt a lot this week and I’m sure that at the end of it – in 8 week’s time – I’ll have developed much more, both in professional and personal terms.

I really do not have time to post here everyhting we havebeen/will go through. The course is really intense and I have spent 2 hours a day, on average, posting, reading, commenting on other participants’ posts, communicating with my group members and also writing my blog there! However, I will come back to it here at the end of the course with a summary and my reflections on it.