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ELTons 2012

It is hard to be innovative. It is not only that you may have to think of something, or a way of doing something, that no one has quite thought before, but you also have to make it happen. Moreover, you have to be fast because in the pace things go nowadays, what is new today may be outdated in a week’s time. Well, exaggeration apart, imagination and innovation are key to keep us moving and trying to make things better in all walks of life. To celebrate innovation in ELT and recognise the talent and effort of those who are the movers & shakers in the profession, the British Council created, ten years ago,  the ELTons – the English Language Teaching Innovation Awards.

People like saying the ELTons are the Oscars of ELT. Yeah, exaggeration again but maybe we are getting there since last Wednesday there were even interviews in the red carpet. How much posher than that can you get?

Seriously, it was a lovely evening: fantastic venue, interesting people and brilliant organisation. Congratulations to the organisers and to all the nominees because to get there is already a great achievement. And, of course, congrats to all the winners. I was particularly happy for Nik Peachey and Graham Stanley because they are people I know and whose work I have always admired. Well-done!

However, for me the highlight of the night was when they announced the Lifetime Achievement Award to Alan Maley. Alan needs no introduction because only a few have contributed to our profession as much as Alan has. If you are an English language teacher, TESOL student or have any involvement with ELT and you don’t know Alan Maley, you’d better sneak away and do your homework. 🙂

I just have to disagree with Alan: too much and too soon is much better than having it in Rhys’s fashion.

This is the recording of The ELTons 2012 webcast, which was recorded on Wednesday 23 of May 2012.

ELTons 2010

The ceremony of the 2010 ELTons – the British Council ELT Innovation Awards – took place last evening in London and I’m really happy I was able to attend it, once again as a nominee.

This time I was nominated with Nella for the Macmillan Innovative Writing Award. Our project was an online teacher development course based on Moodle which aimed to promote extensive reading among teachers and, by a cascading effect, among language learners. The winners, however, were the authors of a book with online activities.

Anyway, having been a winner in 2007 and being nominated for a second time in four years is already an achievement in itself and I am really honoured. Besides that, it was a really enjoyable evening: good food, good company, interesting conversations and the opportunity to meet important people in ELT.

I am also glad I met Carla D’Elia , from Brazil, another nominee in the same category. It is really reassuring to see that more and more teachers coming from different countries are producing high-quality, potentially publishable materials.

Nice to meet old friends too.