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Reading Group new website

The ELT Online Reading Group was a brand new website. The Group grew so much in the last couple of years that we needed to create a new website that could accommodate all the online traffic and avoid the jam on TeachingEnglish. Besides that, as our Group approaches its 6thanniversary this August 2013, we thought of giving it a more interactive, more visually attractive and more user-friendly website.

These are some of the new features you will find on the new site:

  • An easily accessible Welcome page where you can register as a member and post your welcome message
  • Distinct discussion threads for short stories, poems and novel  extracts
  • New works uploaded every month
  •  Selected web links that bring you more information on particular works and authors
  •  A collection of downloadable lesson plans based on literary works and the opportunity to share your own lesson plans and materials
  • The ELT Online Reading Group own publications that you can read on screen as e-books or download as pdf documents
  • The Small Groups area where you can have your own closed online reading group for your own students or institution using our online platform
  • A direct link to the ELT Online Reading Group YouTube channel
  • Direct links to the ELT Online Reading Group  Facebook and Twitter pages

Join the Group at http://eltreadinggroup.weebly.com

I would like to thank the British Council for all the support, especially Paul Braddock for the tips and help to create the new site. Cheers!

I hope you enjoy the new website and enjoy reading the texts available there.


Reading Group and research

Now that MRes is over and the real PhD work started, I am doing some basic reading till the writing assignments start. I’m focussing on reading literature in language learning and computer mediated communication to start with, aiming at connecting these two main areas with English language teacher education.

This coincides with a major change in the ELT e-Reading Group, which is the base of my research project.

We have moved from enCompass to the ‘mainstream’ British Council/BBC Teaching English website. This will allow more teachers around the world to know about the Group and join us in the discussion of short stories and poems. I really hope more people will become members and post because it makes the discussion more interesting and enriching.

Join us at the ELT e-Reading Group at Teaching English