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Hornby scholars’ presentation

Being a Hornby Alumni I always try to attend the Hornby Scholars’ presentation at IATEFL because I think it is important to support people presenting for the first time and working so hard to contribute to the profession. It is also a way to keep listening to the voices of those who have a closer contact to other teachers in countries around the world than the contact I have myself at the moment.

Their presentation highlighted two major problems: language proficiency and teacher motivation. presenters singled out language knowledge as a key factor contributing to teachers’ lack of confidence, sense of frustration and fear of losing face in front of students. They also pointed out that teacher training programmes tend to ignore this fact focussing on methodology and failing to provide some language development lessons.

Another factor brought up in the presentation was teacher demotivation due to poor working conditions and low payment. Thanks Gifty for such a passionate and inspiring delivery 🙂

Some solutions were proposed and they also presented the state of  English language teaching in Kerala, India, as a case study and a model to be considered.

An event that can be somehow related to their presentations was the British Council signature event on the Role of English in Developing  Countries

Another thing that really made me happy at Brighton was to meet Oscar Montoya,  my Hornby colleague at Marjon in 2008-09 . It is always a pleasure to me someone from the Hornby Family 🙂

Brighton Online is now live!

Here we go again! I’m really glad I’ll be moderating the Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG forum for the 5th year in a row. Looking forward to some enriching and exciting exchange of ideas there.  Please,  see the Brighton Team’s message below.


Online conference coverage of the 45th IATEFL Conference. The Brighton Online website is now live at:

The British Council and IATEFL have launched the Brighton Online website which offers live web coverage of this year’s IATEFL Conference in Brighton.

The Brighton Online website allows gives you an opportunity to follow one of the world’s biggest ELT conferences free online.

Brighton Online offers:
– video recordings of selected sessions
– live interviews and streamed plenaries
– moderated special interest discussion forums
– text reports and photo albums

To visit the Brighton Online website, go to http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2011

This initiative builds on earlier collaboration between the British Council and IATEFL Last year over 50,000 teachers and trainers participated in Harrogate Online. This year we expect a much larger audience, and this is a real opportunity to take part in the biggest online ELT training community.

The Brighton Online website gives you an opportunity to share ideas with teachers all around the world. There will be interactive live coverage with video presentations, reports and interviews from Harrogate.

We look forward to meeting you online, and hope that you will share this information with your colleagues worldwide.

Gavin Dudeney – Honorary Secretary, IATEFL
Julian Wing – British Council Brighton Online Project Manager
Nik Peachey – IATEFL Online Editor

North & South

I’m borrowing Mrs. Gaskell’s title to talk about the two Teacher’s Associations conferences I attended last week – from Braz-Tesol National Conference in Fortaleza, in the north-east of Brazil, to APIRS Convention in Porto Alegre, in the extreme south, one after the other.

Braz-Tesol was a brilliant conference in terms of diversity and quality of presentations and I’d like to highlight Andy Maldenez, Graham Stanley’s on Second Life and Ron Waring’s on Extensive Reading. We also had our Critical Literacy SIG pre-conference event on Critical Teaching and the Hornby Forum running parallel to the main programme. However, the most amazing thing was to make new friends, meet old ones and also meet f2f for the first time people that I had just met online before. For more information on what I mentioned above, please check the Sportlight section of the British Council Brazil ELT Community.

I left Fortaleza on Thursday late evening and Friday morning I was already back in Porto Alegre for APIRS conference at PUC. As usual, our local TA event was a success. My own presentation on the ELT e-Reading Group attracted more participants than I expected and the response to it was amazing. We had a hands-on workshop on The Sick Rose by Blake and I’ll always remember a participant who came to me at the end of the session and said, ‘Thanks so much, I never thought I would be able to understand and write about poetry in English; now I know I can.’

Crossing the country and facing delays at airports was really tiring, but the fantastic people we meet make it really worth doing it!